Recriminations fly in the wake of revelations

21 09 17

On Tuesday, we released our groundbreaking new report – The International Alternative Right: From Charlottesville to the White House. It is the most comprehensive yet produced on the so-called alt-right and explains in detail what we think it is, explores its worrying influence and how it operates.

The New York Times provided extensive coverage of the year-long infiltration by our source inside the alt-right on both sides of the Atlantic. It was the most extensive infiltration of the alt-right ever undertaken – the whole story can be found inside our report and a full documentary is on the way.

Unsurprisingly, HOPE not hate’s work has become the talk of the alt-right and the recriminations have begun to fly. Almost all of the biggest names in the Alternative Right have passed comment on it, including: Richard Spencer, Jason Jorjani, Daniel Friberg, Kevin MacDonald, Greg Johnson and Paul Joseph Watson.

Key players in the UK far right are of course deeply embarrassed as it was them that opened the door for our source and made introductions to their American colleagues.

There is a good chance that this has irrevocably damaged the reputation of the London Forum, and especially its organizer Stead Steadman, in the eyes of the international far-right. It remains to be seen whether they will ever manage to attract big international names again.

American Fallout

In America, it seems to be Greg Johnson of Counter Currents that has been on the end of most of the ridicule and recriminations. Much to the amusement of political opponents, Johnson, who until our report had never been photographed, allowed our source to address his North-West Forum in Seattle on the topic of left wing infiltration.

Richard Spencer, the leading figure in the movement, tweeted ‘Inspired: Inviting gay antifa honeypot to lecture on security at ur conference.’ Like this, much of the response to Greg Johnson has been extremely homophobic.

Johnson himself has written a long article for Counter Currents about the infiltration:

It turns out that Erik Hellberg is really named Patrik Hermansson, and he was a spy for the antifa group Hope not hate. […] My initial reaction to this news was a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. I imagine that everyone Erik spoke to felt the same way. […] It is terrible to feel that one’s trust has been violated by a rat, and even worse to feel that you lent your credibility to such a person, so he could violate even more people’s trust. In particular, I must apologize to the 30-off people of the Northwest Forum who were exposed to this snitch because of me.

Johnson is clearly aware of the possible impact of this damaging expose, talking of the, ‘demoralization and distrust that they [the undercover recordings] will promote”. Again, the full extent of the impact on Johnson’s personal reputation in the movement is yet to be seen but early indications are that the whole thing has been extremely damaging for him and has only served to widen the split between him and Spencer and Friberg from the AltRight Corp.

It has also been announced that Jason Jorjani – who was filmed saying that one day Hitler would “be seen as a great European leader” and predicted that multiculturalism and immigration will end with the “expulsion of the majority of migrants, including citizens who are of Muslim descent” and the emergence of “concentration camps […] and war” – may be in trouble with his employer, the New Jersey Institute of Technology. More on this to follow.

Our report has only been out for a few days and already the fallout has been huge. We are continuing to monitor developments with keen interest.


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