Leading alt-right figure faces the sack in wake of infiltration revelations

22 09 17

On Tuesday evening, our year-long infiltration of the alt-right was revealed to the world via the New York Times and a concurrent launch of the accompanying comprehensive report into the broader Alternative Right movement.

A leading revelation from the infiltration was a claim by Jason Reza Jorjani, co-founder and former culture editor of AltRight Corporation – an international partnering of three central alt-right organisations – that the Corporation had ties to Donald Trump’s administration.

The claim comes among extreme statements from Jorjani, who told our undercover operative that one day Hitler would “be seen as a great European leader” and of the present order’s apparent impending collapse.

Jorjani predicted that it will end with the “expulsion of the majority of migrants, including citizens who are of Muslim descent” and the emergence of “concentration camps […] and war”.

In this political landscape, Jorjani detailed the initially envisioned role of the AltRight Corporation: to become “the policy group for the Trump administration”; something made possible, he claimed, by their connections to figures in the Trump administration.

Jorjani, who is also a lecturer at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), has since shared a statement made by the university’s President and Dean, Joel Bloom, to his personal Facebook page.

Referring to the statements revealed by HOPE not hate, Bloom rightly condemns Jorjani’s statements as “repugnant” and says that the university is currently “conducting a review of this matter and will provide additional information as soon as that review is complete.” 

Noting that their university is committed to “democracy, equity and wisdom” and that these values “underpin [their] teaching, research, and service” Bloom is right when he draws attention to how Jorjani’s statements are “antithetical to our institution’s core values”.

Indeed, when it comes to democracy, Jorjani stated in his “Failure of Democracy” speech to the far-right Identitarian Ideas IX conference in Stockholm in February of this year, that the “Alternative Right unequivocally rejects liberal democracy”.

HOPE not hate resoundingly supports Bloom’s condemnation of Jorjani’s statements, but we are calling on Bloom and the NJIT to remove Jorjani from his position. 

If you agree, please sign our petition here.

Jorjani’s Split From AltRight Corp

Even before these revelations Jorjani had left the AltRight Corporation as well as Arktos Media – one-third of the AltRight Corporation alongside Red Ice Creations and the white nationalist think-tank the National Policy Institute of Richard Spencer fame – on 15 August. Ostensibly, this was due to his new venture in co-founding the “Iranian United Front” (IUF) which aims to “liberat[e] Iran from the Islamic Republic” in a “first step towards the Indo-European World Order”.

However, in a long post to his personal blog uploaded yesterday, Jorjani admits that his departure was not just down to his new role in the IUF, but also because he had become “profoundly dissatisfied” with the AltRight Corporation. He complained that it became (to no one else’s surprise) a vehicle for white nationalism and a “populist base for [Richard Spencer’s] movement”.

Jorjani bemoaned how he did not the assume control he had planned to despite having been its “architect” and having “seeded” the idea for the Corporation in “Richard’s psyche”. Moreover, he states that his planned early investors to the Corporation failed to deliver and that, as a result, by the end of June 2017 the alt-right was “long past its embryonic stage” and was at that point a “deformed […] mindless Frankenstein’s monster” unleashed on the world.

This seems to have been a death-blow for Jorjani’s power in the movement since it was “the promise of direct engagement, through me, with people inside the White House such as Steve Bannon – something my backers suggested that I could [do]” that was apparently “especially compelling” to Spencer and the other board members of the AltRight Corporation. Though these investors fell through, Jorjani has insisted he will not reveal them as “It would catalyze a mainstream media scandal that none of us want to see” and, in an allusion to his claims to have connections as high-up as Bannon, he added that “I am not interested in testifying before Congress, because the truth I would have to tell is stranger than fiction”.

Sign our petition calling on President Bloom to cut all ties with Jorjani.


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