InfoWars takes aim at HOPE not hate

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The video, “Anti-Fascist” Hope Not Hate Is Nothing More Than Another Leftist Propaganda Arm, was authored by young InfoWars reporter, Jake Lloyd.

It focuses on HOPE not hate’s Alternative Right report, which comprehensively revealed the scope and spread of the alt-right and alt-light movements, and was heralded by a New York Times exclusive on our undercover operation inside the alt-right.


InfoWars was launched in 1999 and hosts The Alex Jones Show, the primary vehicle for Jones, who has been called “the most influential right-wing conspiracy theorist in the United States today” by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).

The site primarily focuses on conspiracy theories around alleged “false flag” operations carried out by the “New World Order” – a shadowy cabal of “globalist” elites – as well as pro-Trump propaganda and attacks on liberal institutions.

More recently the site has come to be affiliated with the Western chauvinist ‘alt-light’, a movement that, together with the white nationalist alt-right, constitutes the broader Alternative Right, a loose far-right, anti-globalist grouping energised by the Presidential campaign of Donald Trump.

InfoWars’ association with the alt-light is in part due to the role of Paul Joseph Watson, one of the most recognisable alt-light commentators, as its editor-at-large. Watson himself has made a career of promoting conspiracy theories such as the US government’s supposed involvement in 9/11 and the existence of “chemtrails”, and more recently played a key role in popularising the “Is Hillary Dying?” hoax.

Jake Lloyd

Lloyd joined InfoWars in July 2017 from fringe news site Splitter News. He has built up a portfolio of videos from Alternative Right political events on his personal YouTube channel, including interviews and speeches of Kyle Chapman (known as ‘Based Stick Man‘), head of the Fraternal Order of Alt-Knights (FOAK), the militant wing of Gavin McInnes’ alt-light fraternity, Proud Boys.

Lloyd has also affiliated himself with the Proud Boys, which apes the “bro” culture of American college fraternities but with conservative doctrines. According to McInnes, Proud Boys members can ascend to the “fourth degree” when “you get beat up, kick the crap out of an antifa”.

In June, Lloyd expressed support for the attempts of far-right activist Augustus Invictus to bring “unity on the right”. Invictus has taken a prominent role at racist alt-right demonstrations, and in September was ousted from his position of Sargent-at-Arms of the Florida American Guard, a group with multiple links to white supremacists, because of his “poisonous ideas”. Invictus has also attempted to position himself as a leading member of FOAK.

Lloyd’s video on HOPE not hate segues into Alex Jones’ advert for “Brain Force Plus” pills.


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