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16 09 18

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Inside America’s biggest anti-Muslim Organization

By Charlie Prentice

I was sat in the the Capitol building in downtown D.C. – home of the US Congress – listening to Brigitte Gabriel, founder and figurehead of the anti-Muslim hate group ACT for America. She alleged that she was close to “65 to 70” members of Congress, and that visiting Washington D.C. was like a “family reunion”. Most disquieting of all, she claimed that ACT is “very focussed” on the White House, that she considers President Trump supportive of her organization, and that she even has a standing meeting at the White House on a weekly basis.

To put this in context, this is a women who has stated that a practicing Muslim “cannot be a loyal citizen of the United States”, that Arabic Muslims have “no soul”.

Yet, here I was, sat inside the Capitol building as she bragged about her influence over policy makers and her links to Trump’s Whitehouse.

In total eight members of Congress graced the stage to speak to the assembled crowd of activists gathered for the second day of ACT’s National Conference. Seven were members of the House of Representatives, and the other was Ted Cruz, a Senator for Texas since 2013 and a candidate in the upcoming midterm elections. When I had attended ACT’s conference in 2016, Donald Trump had just beaten Cruz for the Republican nomination in the presidential race some four months prior.

Read the full article here.

CARD Game: where all the cards are losers.

Midterm elections are just around the corner and as you surely know by now there are several white supremacists and neo-nazis running for office in the Republican party. It would be easy (and comforting) to dismiss every candidate as an outlier but that’s not the reality we’ve living in. White supremacist rhetoric has become mainstream rhetoric for the America right everywhere from Fox News personalities to President Trump’s own tweets. As Adam Serwer points out in The Atlantic, a year after Charlottesville racist and white supremacist ideas have “permeated the mainstream Republican Party.”

Editorially we’ve struggled with how to cover candidates who are open in their white supremacy. We don’t want to amplify their candidacies and ideas, but we also can’t pretend that they’re nothing more than a sideshow. These candidates are winning Republican primaries. Some of them are going to hold elected office next year. There’s Arthur Jones who hasn’t got a chance in hell of winning but there’s also Ron De Santis, already a Congressman, who could very well be Florida’s next governor. Finding the right balance when covering these campaigns is tough. Frankly, so is finding an original angle given how much national press coverage these folks are already receiving.

Here’s what we’ve come up with. CARD Game: where all the cards are losers. (See what we did there?)

Between now and election day we’re going to highlight the candidates you need to know about — as trading cards. We’ll feature at least one candidate card per week. Our inaugural card features Corey Stewart, a proud white nationalist and the GOP nominee for Senate in Virginia.

Corey Stewart trading card

Got suggestions of who we should cover next? Reply to this email with your nomination.


  • On the anniversary of 9/11, Quartz highlighted that their recent analysis of data from the Global Terrorism Database found that “almost two-thirds of terror attacks in the US last year were tied to racist, anti-Muslim, homophobic, anti-Semitic, fascist, anti-government, or xenophobic motivations”.
  • The Independent reported that the “number of white suspected terrorists being arrested in the UK has overtaken those of Asian appearance for the first time in more than a decade”, according to recent Home Office statistics. In addition, they stated that “The proportion of prisoners holding far-right ideologies has increased steadily over the past three years, with the number up from 10 to 28 in the latest year.”
  • A new report from the Technical University of Munich found that the Alternative for Germany party and its supporters were “more active […] than mainstream parties in promoting their agenda on social media in the run-up to last year’s election success”, as Reuters reports.


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