03 03 19

TL;DR: We’re launching a membership program on Patreon. Support Ctrl Alt-Right Delete and receive access to exclusive members-only content. Memberships start at just $1 per month.

The trolls are pissed off about Ctrl Alt-Right Delete. I’ve always had a fair amount of trolling on social media but lately, it’s been turbocharged. The secret about our newsletter is out, and they’re mad. Which is why my Twitter mentions (and HOPE not hate’s) are a dumpster fire. Some days the abuse is draining, other days it’s pretty funny, but I take it as evidence that the work we do is having an impact.

The newsletter reaches more than 15,000 readers each week. Our readers include policy-makers, journalists, academics, grassroots activists, technologists, and concerned citizens in the U.S. and abroad. The weekly analytics tell me that readers are also highly engaged with our content. CARD’s average open rate is still over 20%, and our total open rate open rate average is 25%. The stats suggest that many readers revisit the newsletter over the course of their week, which is especially gratifying.

While exploring options for a membership program, it was important to me that we gave paying supporters more of what they wanted from us. Patreon is the perfect platform for this. It allows us to easily create and distribute exclusive content just for paying members and offers a variety of options for financial support. Plus they get brownie points for not allowing extremists to monetize on their platform any longer.

Patreon members will receive even more original content from me and the CARD team. Some examples:

  • A weekly Patreon post of additional ICYMI links curated just for members.
  • Exclusive access to a short, transatlantic, twice monthly podcast from me and the HOPE not hate team.
  • A quarterly interactive call for members with me and a senior researcher from the HOPE not hate team. The first call is April 1 at 7 PM ET.

Support Ctrl Alt-Right Delete on Patreon and receive exclusive members-only content. Become a Patron Today!

A few minor but important details: You membership will be paid to HOPE not hate, which pays me to write and edit the newsletter. Because HOPE not hate is a UK-based non-profit contributions are not tax deductible. If you donated to us in 2018, you’ll be eligible for all of the donor calls this year, but we’d still love to have you join us on Patreon as well.

I want to thank you for subscribing. Whether you’re a longtime reader or a new subscriber I’m happy to have you as part of the CARD community. It’s because of your continued interest that we continue to produce new editions with original research, analysis, and commentary week after week. Thank you.

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