The woeful state of UKIP in Wales

Despite being thoroughly tainted by bigotry, incompetence and internecine struggles, the party is limping on under the leadership of disgraced former Conservative MP Neil Hamilton.

New leader for UKIP? Depends who you ask.

It feels like just yesterday we were writing a blog highlighting the incredible CV of Freddy Vachha when he became the leader of UKIP, with…

The Confucius of Chingford? New UKIP leader’s bizarre CV raises many questions.

Who is Freddy Vachha? Yesterday, UKIP posted a strange video of their new leader giving a rambling speech by the statue of Winston Churchill in…

Best of the Worst: UKIP Local Candidates

Katie Fanning, Manchester Fanning is a member of UKIP’s ruling National Executive Committee (NEC), and is representing  the party in the Gorton & Abbey Hey…

UKIP Euro Candidate’s Vile Racial Slur-Ridden Rant

Benjamin is best known for his online following as an anti-feminist YouTuber with a highly casual attitude towards hate speech. He also happens to be…

UKIP MEP addressed racist group that defended Apartheid

Earlier this month Stuart Agnew, one of UKIP’s four remaining MEPs, addressed the Springbok Club, a far-right group founded in 1996 which serves as a…

Best of the Worst: UKIP local candidates

The local elections campaign is underway, as UKIP hopes to win seats by exploiting antipathy and Brexit discontent across the UK. Signalling the explicitly far-right…

You Kipper: The Fascist YouTuber promoted by the NZ shooter and UKIP

On 13 March, two videos uploaded by the British YouTube content creator “You Kipper” were shared on Facebook by a far-right activist, two days before…

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