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# of schools visited: 166

# of pupils educated: 32,198

# of teachers trained: 2014

Busiest month – May, with 5,520 students taught

Most popular workshop – Harmful Language

Working with schools up and down the UK

Since our Education Unit was formally launched in 2016, we have worked with schools up and down the country, training thousands of teachers and students to better understand and challenge prejudice.

The work we deliver in schools has its roots in a community organising approach. Our aim is not just to educate students about prejudice and stereotyping, but also to be a catalyst towards positive behavioural change in schools across the UK, which can act as a springboard towards a more inclusive society.

The overarching aim of the Unit is to enable students to have a holistic understanding of how discrimination works, both in manifestation and in its continuation, and to challenge them on how they can play a role in breaking it.

Read what teachers say about us

“Teachers and students have spoken highly about our education work, and its effectiveness in Education is one of the fundamentals of HOPE not hate’s workchallenging prejudice. The content was very relatable to all students and managed to challenge their more controversial views without antagonising or judging them.”

Hannah Paremian, Causeway School (Sussex)

“Students really enjoyed the personal stories Owen used to convey his message. Fantastic sessions and a very important lesson taught!”

Dave Attrill, Heaton Manor School (Newcastle)

“The information was detailed, relevant and well-delivered. Staff have responded enthusiastically to the session describing it as “eye opening”, “fascinating and worrying in equal measure”, and “the best visiting CPD session we have had”. It has been great to witness the immediate impact the session has had on staff: they have had conversations reflecting on instances from last year and discussing how they will respond differently in future.”

Chris Bentley, The Boswells School (Essex)

“Such engaging delivery, informative information- Fantastic feedback from staff and students about the sessions. A pleasure to have in our school.”

Nikki Goodall, Long Stratton High School (Norfolk)

“The students were hooked and learnt so much.”

Carrie-Anne Catmel, Sandown Academy (Isle of Wight)

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