Carry On Camping: The Far-Right Shambles at RAF Scampton

Whether they’ve been battling the elements or each other, the anti-migrant blockade of the Lincolnshire air base RAF Scampton has been a disaster from the…

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The Fascist Fringe: Patriotic Alternative and its Splinter Groups

A new report from HOPE not hate takes a look inside Patriotic Alternative, the UK’s most active fascist organisation, and its splinter groups. Patriotic Alternative…

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Detached from Reality: Alek Yerbury and the National Support Detachment

HOPE not hate shines a light on a band of fascists who are travelling the country in a bid to win popular support and confront…

09/08/2023 - David Lawrence
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“Where’s Thomas Mair when you need him?” Alek Yerbury’s Violent Statements about MPs, Migrants and BLM

HOPE not hate can reveal that Alek Yerbury, a former soldier involved in organising recent anti-migrant protests, has made threatening messages about MPs. He has…

16/03/2023 - David Lawrence
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