Far Right Roundup

Facebook decided last week to finally put former British National Party (BNP) bad boy Mark Collett out of everyone’s misery and remove him and his…

15/02/2021 - Matthew Collins
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a speech bubble with the words "free speech" written inside
Free Speech Laws in the UK: An Overview

Though omnipresent in today’s ultra-connected and ever-divisive world, the question of free speech in the United Kingdom seems of particular relevance at present. Be it…

14/08/2020 - Juliana Rordorf
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‘Real BNP’ threatens to fail even more than the real BNP

Last month the website of the British National Party (BNP) went off line for just short of a week. This led to muffled excitement that…

25/03/2020 - Matthew Collins
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Far-Right Roundup

Other than the curry, no week is the same in this job. Take Monday (please). Alison Chabloz of bog roll and Holocaust denying infamy went…

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