How Lennon and Golding link in with new ‘secret’ hooligan army

The far right in this country has an obsession with acting like secret armies. Thankfully few of them have actually ever bothered to join the…

13/07/2020 - Duncan Cahill
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Far-right round up

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s announcement that he and his government are going to be tougher on violent criminals was obviously a week too late to…

13/08/2019 - Duncan Cahill
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Golding to release kiss and tell-nothing magnum opus

Britain First leader Paul Golding, normally known as a man of threats, has announced he is putting his not considerable thoughts to paper. Yes, Paul…

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Far-right roundup

Well, last week was an exciting one for white people.  It culminated with a “thumping” 23 people outside Belfast’s City Hall watching the latest installment…

07/08/2017 - Matthew Collins
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