‘They Shall Not Pass: 100 years of fascism and anti-fascism’

On 6 May 1923, the British Fascisti was launched by Rotha Lintorn-Orman. Modelled on Mussolini’s National Fascist Party, which had marched to power in Italy…

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Anti-Fascism Today: New Threats and New Tactics

As recently as 2017, over one billion, nine hundred and seventy-one million people lived in countries with radical or far right governments. This included three…

18/05/2023 - Joe Mulhall
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All the ways you can help defeat the far right at the 2022 local elections

In recent years, as far as elections go, the far right has been in the wilderness: but at this years’ local elections in May, things…

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To white people, on racism

HOPE not hate activist (and former member of our staff) Maatin Patel reflects on the significance of the protests against police violence taking place around…

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