“We want to see millions deported”: The Extremism of Steve Laws 

The “migrant hunter” turned commentator has become increasingly extreme in recent months, and could find himself in deep trouble as a result. Warning: this article…

07/03/2024 - Right Response Team
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‘Small Boats Week’, Bibby Stockholm and Lee Anderson

Misbah Malik, Senior Policy and Engagement Officer at HOPE not hate writes about what the Government’s ‘Small Boats Week’ means for the far right, asylum…

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Far Right Seek to Exploit Campaign Against Asylum Seekers Accommodation in Llanelli 

Well known far-right extremists are heading to the Welsh town of Llanelli to exploit local tensions and recruit new members  Over the last two years,…

20/07/2023 - Right Response Team
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Stoking the Flames
Stoking the Flames: The influence of press and government rhetoric on far-right anti-migrant engagement

Government hostility towards migrants is encouraging the far right Far-right anti-migrant activity has been sharply rising in recent years. From anti-migrant activists filming people arriving…

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