From wrestler to “migrant hunter”: the real ST Audits

HOPE not hate can reveal that the highly secretive “auditor” turned ”migrant hunter”, ST Audits, is the 53-year-old former professional wrestler and doorman from Stoke-on-Trent,…

29/05/2024 - Right Response Team
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Formal Criminal Complaint Made Against Rebel Media for “Hate Propaganda”

A formal criminal complaint for hate propaganda has been filed with the Ottawa Police Service against the Canadian Islamophobic news outlet Rebel News Network Ltd.,…

03/09/2019 - Right Response Team
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You Kipper: The Fascist YouTuber promoted by the NZ shooter and UKIP

On 13 March, two videos uploaded by the British YouTube content creator “You Kipper” were shared on Facebook by a far-right activist, two days before…

28/03/2019 - David Lawrence
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Identitarianism: The Inherently Dangerous Ideology that Influenced the Christchurch Killer

Despite regularly saying they are a non-violent movement, those who spread the perception of an impending “threat” of demographic change and argue that Islam and…

22/03/2019 - Simon Murdoch
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