New Lows: Arron Banks’ campaigning after Jo Cox’s death

Channel 4 has revealed that Arron Banks, head of the unofficial Brexit campaign Leave.EU, told his campaigners to “keep pumping” propaganda the morning following the…

09/03/2019 - David Lawrence
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UKIP crisis could bankrupt party

Yesterday UKIP’s ruling body, the National Executive Committee (NEC), took a vote of no confidence against leader Henry Bolton. The vote was carried unanimously (save…

22/01/2018 - David Lawrence
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Arron Banks’ Leave.EU post Diane Abbott blackface pic

Leave.EU, the unofficial Brexit campaign headed by UKIP’s former donor Arron Banks, posted the disgusting image of a man dressed as the Labour MP and…

22/12/2017 - Charlie Prentice
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UKIP disappears into electoral wilderness

With the election of former police officer Henry Bolton as its fourth leader in just 12 months, UKIP looks to have consigned itself to political…

29/09/2017 - David Lawrence
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