Government misses opportunity to proscribe Order of Nine Angles

While the ban against US neo-nazi group The Atomwaffen Division is welcome, the UK government has failed once again to proscribe the dangerous nazi-occult group, the Order of Nine Angles.

19/04/2021 - Nick Lowles
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The Rapewaffen Telegram Channel

An American soldier Ethan Phelan Melzer was indicted yesterday over a plot to collaborate with neo-Nazi Satanist group Order of Nine Angles (O9A) to murder…

23/06/2020 - Patrik Hermansson
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Far-Right Roundup

Outrage and paranoia greeted last week’s blog about the activities of the London Brigade of the Ulster Defence Association (UDA). According to those in their…

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Far right roundup: Neo-Nazi with explosives was linked to National Action

      Some disturbing news from Miami where a man arrested following a traffic stop confessed to being a neo-Nazi who was manufacturing explosives…

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