“We’ve all been obliterated”

In a dismal night for UKIP, HOPE won over hate in areas across the UK, including towns like Dudley where our volunteers have long campaigned. …

04/05/2018 - Lucy Adams
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UKIP MEP Bill Etheridge endorses far-right ‘White Pendragons’

The controversial UKIP MEP Bill Etheridge donned a White Pendragons t-shirt at a Brexit rally in Dudley on Saturday, speaking to members of the group…

14/02/2018 - David Lawrence
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UKIP staring into the abyss?

As party figures attempt an apparent coup, UKIP’s crisis threatens to become an existential one. The reputation of UKIP leader Henry Bolton, elected less than…

16/01/2018 - David Lawrence
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UKIP Parliamentary candidates: What we know so far

Today marks the deadline for prospective candidates in June’s parliamentary election to deliver nominations. UKIP is expected to stand significantly fewer candidates than the 2015 general…

08/05/2017 - David Lawrence
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