Coronavirus: the state of the nation
Everyone’s been hit hard. BAME communities have been hit hardest.

Looking ahead to next week’s budget, Rosie Carter reveals new polling which highlights how BAME communities have taken the biggest economic hit during the COVID…

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Magazine: George Floyd, a survivor’s guilt and a global Black Lives Matter

The Black Lives Matter struggle is no longer confined to the national borders of the United States, writes Edna Bonhomme.

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Building A Society Where All Can Breathe

What’s inspiring about this moment of resistance is that it’s not just black people who are angry – it’s white people too, says David Lammy MP.

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Uncomfortable reading but necessary and overdue

The Government’s race disparity audit released today reveals a bleak picture of how people of different backgrounds are treated in society. Black and ethnic minority…

10/10/2017 - Rosie Carter
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