A nation confused over extremism

THE DIFFICULTIES the Government faces in properly understanding, defining and combating extremism are also shared by the British public, a new HOPE not hate poll…

27/09/2020 - Nick Lowles
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What do British Muslims think?

Despite hostile stereotypes, a recent opinion survey of British Muslims found that a majority were concerned about Islamist extremism and supported the police, as well as backing the principles of the Prevent programme.

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Uncomfortable reading but necessary and overdue

The Government’s race disparity audit released today reveals a bleak picture of how people of different backgrounds are treated in society. Black and ethnic minority…

10/10/2017 - Rosie Carter
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Hundreds of mosques urge Muslims to register to vote

Hundreds of mosques across Britain will today urge British Muslims to play their part in shaping the future of their country.  ⇢ Register to vote The…

19/05/2017 - Nick Ryan
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