Nick Griffin to appeal Hungary’s decision to bar him

We broke news earlier this week that the Hungarian government had decided to expel Britain First founder and far-right fundraiser Jim Dowson from their country….

27/05/2017 - Matthew Collins
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Exclusive: Jim Dowson expelled from Hungary

News is just coming out of Hungary – now confirmed, that Jim Dowson has been told to leave the country. According to the Ministry of Interior, the…

24/05/2017 - Matthew Collins
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Was Attack on Hungarian Jewish Centre linked to Nick Griffin’s speech?

Last September we caused a stir when we published in our magazine and then online, an investigation into the activities of Jim Dowson and Nick…

15/05/2017 - Matthew Collins
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Going, going, Griffin nearly gone

As part of an irregular series of lost and unlamented British Fascists….     Former British National Party (BNP) leader Nick Griffin is cock-a-hoop about the…

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