UKIP drops controversial Clacton candidate

UKIP candidate Jeff Bray has quit the party after he was dropped in favoured of National Executive Committee (NEC) member Paul Oakley, who was “parachuted in” to contest the…

10/05/2017 - David Lawrence
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Potential UKIP candidate slammed after anti-Muslim posts exposed online

Jeff Bray, UKIP’s potential Parliamentary candidate for the Clacton seat, has been at the centre of a social media storm after a series of wildly…

25/04/2017 - David Lawrence
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Arron Banks’ spin doctor tells HOPE not hate founder: “I know where you live”

Andy Wigmore, Leave.EU communications director and close associate of multi-millionaire Clacton candidate Arron Banks, has threatened HOPE not hate founder Nick Lowles on Twitter. Wigmore…

21/04/2017 - David Lawrence
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Leave.EU boss who wants to “Make Clacton Great” admits “I Know Nothing About Clacton At All”

Multimillionaire former UKIP donor Arron Banks, who is contesting the Clacton seat in the upcoming General Election, has stated that he knows “nothing about Clacton…

19/04/2017 - David Lawrence
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