From Theory to Action: Incitement to Violence and Hate in UK Conspiracy Theory Online Spaces

This report is the second part of a new research project by HOPE not hate that aims to develop our understanding of how conspiracy theory…

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A Bridgen Too Far

MPs should be shunning the antisemitic crankery of James Delingpole, not appearing on his podcast. On December 13, Andrew Bridgen MP delivered a surprising speech…

23/12/2022 - Gregory Davis
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“Stop Drag Queen Story Hour”: a new far-right campaign emerges

HOPE not hate reveals the coalition of far-right groups and conspiracy theorists behind recent disturbing protests against children’s story hours at public libraries Over the…

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Turning Off “The Light”: the conspiracist newspaper promoting the far right

A COVID-conspiracy theory magazine, The Light, is spreading antisemitism and promoting far-right figures to a large audience. Conspiracy theories are dangerous, in part, because they…

30/06/2022 - David Lawrence
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