FEAR & HOPE 2022: Nine Key Findings

Our new Fear & HOPE 2022 report finds a much changed picture from our first seminal report a decade ago.

16/08/2022 - Rosie Carter
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Magazine: QAnon stormtroopers preparing to battle for Trump

NO MATTER how hard President Trump was pushed at NBC’s Town Hall debate this October, he simply refused to denounce the QAnon conspiracy. “I know…

21/10/2020 - Nick Lowles
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British Conspiracy Theorists At Heart Of Dangerous Anti-Vaxx Movement

Scientists around the world are racing to develop, test and deploy a vaccine against the coronavirus. Experts agree this is the only clear route by…

01/07/2020 - Gregory Davis
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Anti-5G conspiracy theories are dangerous – and spreading fast.

Polling conducted on behalf of HOPE not hate this week has revealed some startling statistics about the spread of conspiracy theories surrounding 5G internet and…

13/04/2020 - Gregory Davis
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