Left-Wing Antisemitism: An Explainer

Ahead of the publication of the EHRC investigation into antisemitism in the Labour party, Senior Research Dr. Joe Mulhall looks at the issue of anti-Jewish…

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Labour and the EHRC: How did it get to here?

28 May 2019. The day that brought shame to mainstream British politics when the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) launched a statutory investigation into the Labour…

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Toothless fascist to protest at the BBC

      Last week we followed the activities of cerebrally challenged Andrew Edge, from Stockport. Edge, who appears to have parted company with the…

30/04/2017 - Matthew Collins
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EDL thug comes a cropper

Earlier today we blogged about the violent English Defence League (EDL) thug Andrew Edge. Edge and others were stalking Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, in…

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