Fleeing, begging and general flights of far-right fantasy

If you do social media, it’s unlikely you will have escaped the pained warbling’s of Tommyphiles these last few days. Yes, the Messiah and recidivist…

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‘Yellow Pests’ in peril as Nazi link up turns poisonous

British fascists are a poorly organised bunch. Few could get their bowels in sync let alone run a train on time.   Maybe that is…

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Far Right Roundup

So, here is what we know: the President of the United States has re-tweeted three items by Britain First’s Jayda Fransen. How Mr Trump came across…

04/12/2017 - Matthew Collins
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Far-right roundup

There’s been some not inconsiderable upset following last Saturday’s disastrous anti-immigration march by the far-right in Croydon. First of all, apologies from my youthful colleague…

10/05/2017 - Matthew Collins
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