A young voter holds up their passport in front of a sign that says "polling station" with an arrow.
Almost a quarter of people aren’t aware of changes to voting laws

New rules come into force which require all voters to bring valid photo ID to vote in the elections. HOPE not hate’s new polling has…

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EU on mute as Viktor Orbán installs the bloc’s first far-right elective dictatorship

Bernard Rorke on the latest horrifying developments in Budapest. Hungarian Premier Viktor Orbán has just marked ten years in power with the most audacious assault…

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Best of the Worst: UKIP local candidates

The local elections campaign is underway, as UKIP hopes to win seats by exploiting antipathy and Brexit discontent across the UK. Signalling the explicitly far-right…

15/04/2019 - David Lawrence
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The Far Right at the Local Elections

UKIP is fielding less than half its target of 3,000 candidates The party has collapsed in many former key areas For Britain have equalled or…

09/04/2019 - David Lawrence
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