For Britain, the BNP and Epping Forest: A History

The anti-Muslim For Britain Movement, which is standing 60 council candidates on 6 May, continues to deny that it is “far right”, despite having been…

28/04/2021 - David Lawrence
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Far-right round-up

Back in March, my colleague reported on efforts by a series of low-level former British National Party (BNP) lowlifes’ to try and replicate the BNP…

05/06/2020 - Sarah Archibald
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Far-Right Roundup

Outrage and paranoia greeted last week’s blog about the activities of the London Brigade of the Ulster Defence Association (UDA). According to those in their…

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Ten years on from electoral success, the BNP has never recovered

What determines how former and the few current remaining BNP members feel about the electoral process since the BNP’s demise in 2010 would tend to be determined by how much weight the great conspiracies against parliamentary democracy

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