Campaigners in Batley and Spen
A defeat for the politics of division – but with a long battle ahead

Following the Batley & Spen by-election, Nick Lowles – who campaigned in the seat – reflects on the far right’s defeat, and the challenges that…

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Magazine: Polling – How do minorities & women feel about Trump?

Minority voters are leaning towards Biden in the US election, while the margins for the white vote are closer than 2016, reveals HOPE not hate polling.

03/11/2020 - Rosie Carter
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Magazine: Long Southern Strategy

Nick Lowles talks to Angie Maxwell on the Republican Party’s adoption of racist politics over the past decades.

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Make London Safe Again MAGA cap
The alt-right origins of the #MakeLondonSafe hashtag

In the London Mayoral race mainstream politicians must stop a genuine debate on crime from being hijacked by the radical right.  In the last few…

30/01/2020 - Right Response Team
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