2024 Local Elections: Candidate Overview

Even by the woeful standards of recent years, the British far right is fielding a meagre slate at the local elections on 2 May. The…

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Four campaigners standing outside Swanscombe in Dartford with leaflets warning voters about Britain First
Together we beat the far right at the ballot box

With your help, the far right had a terrible time at the local elections! Thanks to the backing of HOPE not hate supporters around the…

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Two Brazils: Bolsonaro and the 2022 Elections

Joe Mulhall travels to Brazil to witness the 2022 Brazilian elections, and the threat to democracy posed by fascist incumbent President Jair Bolsonaro. “Do you…

13/10/2022 - Joe Mulhall
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2021 Elections: far right battered at the ballot

The far right has been thrashed at the 2021 elections, but the battle against prejudiced politics remains as vital as ever.

11/05/2021 - David Lawrence
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