Romani protest
Orbán enraged as Romani pupils strike a historic blow against racism in Hungary’s Supreme Court

Just days after Hungary’s highest court ruled that financial damages must be paid to Roma families for a decade of school segregation, Prime Minister Viktor…

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EU on mute as Viktor Orbán installs the bloc’s first far-right elective dictatorship

Bernard Rorke on the latest horrifying developments in Budapest. Hungarian Premier Viktor Orbán has just marked ten years in power with the most audacious assault…

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a picture of the British and EU flag meshed together in the middle
After two years of failing to sort out Brexit, another solution has to be found

Read the exclusive YouGov poll commissioned by Best for Britain and HOPE not hate which shows that 64% of the public, with Parliament deadlocked, now…

21/12/2018 - Nick Lowles
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a picture of border control at a UK airport
The Government has squandered a chance to show leadership on migration

With 100 days to go until Brexit, yesterday’s much-delayed proposal for immigration after Brexit indicates the chaos that lies ahead, with many members of the…

20/12/2018 - Rosie Carter
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