EXCLUSIVE: New Evidence shows Tommy Robinson Spread Hate and Fake News after Manchester Bombing

Today is the anniversary of the Manchester Arena bombing, in which 22 victims were killed and 139 wounded in a cowardly attack by an Islamist…

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The curious tale of Stephen Lennon’s “charity” partnership

Last night an online “news” outlet called The London Post breathlessly announced that Stephen Yaxley-Lennon had been appointed as a Goodwill Ambassador to an arts charity….

14/11/2017 - Sarah Archibald
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Major fake news creator dies – fake news remains

Paul Horner made his living creating fake news that often went viral. The investigation into his death last month revealed there was no evidence of…

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More shameless bigotry from Stephen Lennon

  My colleague Sarah Archibald was incensed during the week when she had to witness English Defence league (EDL) founder Stephen Lennon proclaiming he was a…

27/05/2017 - Duncan Cahill
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