Patriotic Alternative: Putin’s Fascist Sympathisers

The international far right has paid close attention to the conflict in Ukraine and has responded in an uneven fashion. Russia’s invasion, viewed variously as…

25/03/2022 - David Lawrence
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a picture of far right thug Tommy Robinson looking angry
Tommy Robinson is a hypocrite when it comes to opposing child sexual exploitation

Despite presenting himself as a protector of children and women, Stephen Yaxley-Lennon has repeatedly failed to confront child sexual exploitation and abuse within his own team and amongst his supporters.

11/01/2022 - Right Response Team
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Fascists fall for spoof
British Patriots Society falls for guide dog ban satire

The far right’s hilarious habit of falling for spoof stories continued last night courtesy of the British Patriots Society. The Facebook warrior group shared an…

03/05/2017 - Sarah Archibald
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Liverpool didn’t need bullets to shut up the race haters

They had promised a race war if they were not allowed their march. And they were angry. Yes, the Nazis of National Action believed they were some…

15/08/2015 - Matthew Collins
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