Generation Identity UK Isolated and in Crisis

This past weekend saw the UK branch of GI hold its second annual conference in London, with British leaders quick to hail the event as…

29/07/2019 - Joe Mulhall
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More Links Between Generation Identity and Christchurch Mosque Killer Emerge

Martin Sellner corresponded with the mass killer and invited him for a beer. Back in March it emerged that the Christchurch attacker who killed fifty…

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A New Threat? Our report on Generation Identity UK and Ireland

The Threat in Perspective It is important to keep the threat posed by GI UK and Ireland in perspective. Though unwise to judge impact purely…

13/04/2018 - Right Response Team
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Tommy Robinson delivers Generation Identity leader’s speech

Lennon, the former leader of the anti-Muslim street gang English Defence League (EDL), delivered a speech written by Martin Sellner, the leader of Generation Identity…

19/03/2018 - Joe Mulhall
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