Exposed: member of fascist group Patriotic Alternative in the Royal Navy

HOPE not hate can reveal that Kenneth McCourt, an employee of the Royal Navy, is also involved in the fascist, antisemitic group Patriotic Alternative. Other…

03/07/2022 - David Lawrence
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Rising Racial Nationalism in the age of Black Lives Matter

At HOPE not hate we have seen a move towards more explicitly racial rhetoric from the British far right in the wake of the killing…

21/08/2020 - Simon Murdoch
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Man accused of Halle terror attack partly inspired by Generation Identity

The ongoing trial of the Halle attacker reveals the accused supported GI’s ideas and would have joined the group but thought non-violence didn’t work.

22/07/2020 - Simon Murdoch
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How Identitarian Ideology Influenced the European Elections

In the lead up to the recent European Parliament election, Germany’s Alternative fur Deutschland party (AfD) called for a policy of ‘remigrating’ immigrants in their…

12/12/2019 - Simon Murdoch
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