New poll: voters don’t want UK trade deals with countries who commit genocide

Ahead of an expected government attempt to block a vote on the Genocide amendment of the Trade Bill tonight, and backbench attempts to force it,…

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The slow murder of the Rohingya

The horrific testimonies filtering out from Myanmar from refugees and human rights groups have led to some calling the situation facing the persecuted Rohingya minority…

06/09/2017 - Safya Khan-Ruf
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Why we continue to remember Srebrenica

Twenty-two years ago this week the Bosnian town of Srebrenica was overrun by Bosnian Serb forces. Bosniak civilians sought shelter with Dutch peacekeepers, only to…

12/07/2017 - Nick Ryan
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Remembering the Srebrenica Genocide

Thousands are gathering at more than 400 events across the UK as part of the Srebrenica Memorial Week to commemorate the 8,000 Muslim Bosniak men and…

11/07/2017 - Safya Khan-Ruf
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