Fear & HOPE: Is fascism returning?

Historian of fascism Andrea Mammone reflects on the state of democracy and the threat posed by far-right extremists during the US election.

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No “Normal” Election: Europe’s Dangerous Direction

Many are relieved at the far right’s showing in the EU elections, they shouldn’t be.

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International hate on tour

We have long warned of the international threat of the modern far right. People, ideas, and tactics cross borders with an ease not previously possible. Over the…

19/02/2018 - Joe Mulhall
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Statement by Greek Helsinki Monitor on the trial of writer Soti Triantafyllou

Statement by Greek Helsinki Monitor spokesperson Panayote Dimitras on the trial of writer Soti Triantafyllou. Greece has been criticised by the UN and the Council…

21/07/2017 - Graeme Atkinson
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