What we achieved together in 2021

Despite all the challenges 2021 posed, together we’re still making progress against hate. HOPE not hate CEO Nick Lowles revisits some of our successes from…

21/12/2021 - Nick Lowles
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Patriotic Alternative: Britain’s fascist threat

A new report from HOPE not hate shines a light on the murky and dangerous world of Patriotic Alternative (PA), the largest and most active…

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The Government’s weaponisation of free speech could benefit the far right

The Holocaust ended 76 years ago, it is one of the most documented historical events ever, yet people still deny it. How will inviting deniers onto campuses help this?

20/05/2021 - Joe Mulhall
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For Britain Conference: Hate, a Holocaust Denier and Katie Hopkins

The reporter and former reality TV star Katie Hopkins is set to grace the stage this weekend at the conference of The For Britain Movement,…

20/09/2018 - David Lawrence
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