Alec with his grandson, Liron, and daughter
“I implore you not to hate.”

HOPE not hate’s Liron Velleman reflects on the lessons his grandfather, a Holocaust survivor, taught him throughout his life as a refugee in England. Tonight…

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My Grandfather’s Holocaust Story Reminds Me Never To Hate

‘I implore you not to hate.’ These are the words that I carry with me. They help to define my politics. They are the words…

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Deniers set to convene on Holocaust Memorial Day

Generally speaking, 2017 was not a good year for the dishevelled network of Holocaust deniers and racist discussion groups that constitute the “intellectual” end of…

26/01/2018 - Charlie Prentice
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Jackie Walker, The Left and Antisemitism

Speaking at a much-needed training session on antisemitism at the Labour Party conference, Walker asked: “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Holocaust Day was open to…

29/09/2016 - Joe Mulhall
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