Another Nazi Terrorist Released

Matthew Hankinson was 24 when jailed for membership of the banned terror group National Action (NA) in 2018. He was one of eleven people arrested…

30/10/2023 - Matthew Collins
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Alice Cutter: Tears and hatred
Nazi terrorists jailed

Last week the total of National Action members imprisoned for membership of the banned group rose again with four members of the group jailed at…

23/03/2020 - Matthew Collins
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‘Yellow Pests’ in peril as Nazi link up turns poisonous

British fascists are a poorly organised bunch. Few could get their bowels in sync let alone run a train on time.   Maybe that is…

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Jack Renshaw: the fallout, fantasies and denial

Matthew Collins uncovers the deniers and apologists seeking to excuse the Nazi paedophile who planned to murder his MP.

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