Far-right roundup

Everyone’s favourite far-right scrounger and potential crowned ponce of the yellow revolution, James Goddard, has been released by Greater Manchester Police. This is after spending…

03/09/2019 - Matthew Collins
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People holding placards, protesting against antisemitism in the Labour Party
Antisemitism in the Labour Party

Over the last few years, the Labour party, and, since his election as leader, Jeremy Corbyn himself, have become embroiled in numerous allegations of antisemitism…

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Liam Sutton Hull
“Yorkshire Patriot” Liam Sutton threatens Abbott, Corbyn and Muslims with crossbows, pistols & rifles

In recent weeks we’ve read harrowing details of politicians receiving not just abuse, but death threats. Earlier this year charges were also laid in relation…

20/04/2018 - Sarah Archibald
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Britain First recruit EDL’s super-brain

  It would appear the transfer window does not apply to just football clubs. No, even the naughty, nutty, neo-Nazis like to jump from one…

18/07/2017 - Matthew Collins
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