a speech bubble with the words "free speech" written inside
Free Speech Laws in the UK: An Overview

Though omnipresent in today’s ultra-connected and ever-divisive world, the question of free speech in the United Kingdom seems of particular relevance at present. Be it…

14/08/2020 - Juliana Rordorf
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Jeremy Bedford-Turner, figurehead of the London Forum
GUILTY: London Forum’s Jez Turner Convicted of Inciting Racial Hatred

UPDATE: Turner has been sentenced to 12 months Self-described fascist Jeremy Bedford-Turner (Jez Turner), figurehead of the Forum Network and its central London Forum branch,…

14/05/2018 - Charlie Prentice
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Deniers set to convene on Holocaust Memorial Day

Generally speaking, 2017 was not a good year for the dishevelled network of Holocaust deniers and racist discussion groups that constitute the “intellectual” end of…

26/01/2018 - Charlie Prentice
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