Far Right Roundup

Facebook decided last week to finally put former British National Party (BNP) bad boy Mark Collett out of everyone’s misery and remove him and his…

15/02/2021 - Matthew Collins
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Far-right round up

Hardly surprising news that Oliver Bel is threatening to sue us over yesterday’s blog. The Hitler admiring Jew-hater feels he may suffer “reputational damage” from…

13/11/2019 - Matthew Collins
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Far right round up

There’s a big event coming to a venue near Leeds this Saturday with bonehead nazis from across the country visiting for a night of shite…

05/09/2018 - Matthew Collins
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NF in tatters over the state of a coat

Sunday evening’s blog about the Polish chef denied entry back into the UK has caused outrage in the National Front (NF). It would appear our…

10/04/2018 - Matthew Collins
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