The ‘Woodstock of the Manosphere’: Florida Anti-Feminist Conference Hosts Extreme Speakers

From 24-27 October Orlando, Florida is the site of the 18th edition of the anti-feminist ‘21 Convention’. Two of its speakers have particularly extreme views and ties in addition to their anti-feminism, however.

25/10/2019 - Simon Murdoch
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Neither Fringe nor Distant: The Utica Murder, Incels and The Breadth of Misogyny

The death of Bianca Devins is
a reminder that “fringe” online misogyny is not an isolated, distant phenomenon

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HNH explains… the manosphere

At its core, the movement is an explicit rejection of equality and the pursuit of esteem by white men who feel aggrieved. Both the white…

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HNH explains… the Red Pill

The metaphor has its origins in the 1999 science fiction film, The Matrix, where the main character Neo is given a choice between taking a…

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