The Sarah Everard Case: misogyny, conspiracy and whataboutery

The grim details of what happened to Sarah Everard were revealed at the Old Bailey last month, and her murder has increased calls by campaigners to make society…

13/10/2021 - Safya Khan-Ruf
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A cartoon with creatures peering over a fence with the words "no girls allowed" featuring prominently
Antisemitism & Misogyny: Overlap and Interplay

Anti-feminism and misogyny can act as slip roads towards antisemitism and other forms of racism. In recent years, the far right in particular has become…

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Reclaim These Streets Vigil
Men, spare me your hashtags

HOPE not hate’s Deputy Director Jemma Levene reflects on the persistent harassment, abuse, and violence that women face throughout their lives, the renewed debate over…

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Terror in Hanau

The suspected killer also took his own life and the life of his 72-year old mother at his home. Five others have been injured. Police…

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