What do British Muslims think?

Despite hostile stereotypes, a recent opinion survey of British Muslims found that a majority were concerned about Islamist extremism and supported the police, as well as backing the principles of the Prevent programme.

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anjem choudary is speaking to a group of people outside
We must not let extremists like Anjem Choudary or ‘Tommy Robinson’ divide us

Anjem Choudary is a dangerous extremist. The hatred that he has spread over the past two decades, and the number of people that he has…

19/10/2018 - Qari Asim
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France in uproar over the headscarf (again)

When a French teenager took part in a TV documentary, she had no idea she would become the centre of a political and media storm…

30/05/2018 - Safya Khan-Ruf
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Why did a Tory MP host an anti-Muslim extremist in Parliament?

Conservative MP for Harrow East, Bob Blackman, has serious questions to answer after he hosted an event in Parliament which featured a known anti-Muslim extremist,…

27/10/2017 - Jemma Levene
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