Sam Melia: Another Patriotic Alternative Racist Behind Bars

A HOPE not hate investigation has helped put one of the UK’s leading neo-Nazis behind bars Sam Melia, a leading member of the fascist group…

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Another Nazi Terrorist Due For Release

The Daily Mail has reported (again) that another individual convicted of membership of the Nazi terror-group National Action (NA), is to possibly be released. Adam…

07/11/2023 - Matthew Collins
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Another Nazi Terrorist Released

Matthew Hankinson was 24 when jailed for membership of the banned terror group National Action (NA) in 2018. He was one of eleven people arrested…

30/10/2023 - Matthew Collins
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Far Right Roundup

Britain First sticks two fingers up at the electorate All is, apparently, not too well in Britain First. Many of you will be aware the…

04/10/2023 - Matthew Collins
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