Hatchet job on leading imam backfires

A media attack on prominent imam Qari Asim seems part of a deliberate attempt to undermine, weaken and possibly even force the Government to abandon its Islamophobia definition inquiry, argues Nick Lowles.

14/02/2020 - Nick Lowles
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The anatomy of a campaign

The site of our huge campaign in 2010, Dagenham & Rainham is again in the front line of our 2017 campaign. Our campaign team is…

22/05/2017 - Nick Lowles
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Arron Banks’ spin doctor tells HOPE not hate founder: “I know where you live”

Andy Wigmore, Leave.EU communications director and close associate of multi-millionaire Clacton candidate Arron Banks, has threatened HOPE not hate founder Nick Lowles on Twitter. Wigmore…

21/04/2017 - David Lawrence
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