MPs are debating the Online Safety Bill – here’s why that matters

Next week, MPs will begin debating one of the most consequential Bills to be debated in recent years: the Online Safety Bill. Our Political Organiser…

19/04/2022 - Liron Velleman
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The French Elections and the Case of the Great Replacement

The Great Replacement theory used to be confined to the fringes of the far right yet is now discussed on mainstream television platforms and newspapers…

07/04/2022 - Safya Khan-Ruf
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Eric Zemmour and his Rise on Social Media Platforms

When French pundit Eric Zemmour announced his candidacy in the French elections on 30 November 2021, he did it on YouTube instead of holding a…

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I’ll Be Back: The Rise of Far-Right Alt-Tech

In October 2021, the former chief spokesman for the Donald Trump 2016 presidential campaign, Jason Miller, travelled to Europe for a meeting. At lunchtime on…

17/03/2022 - Joe Mulhall
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