Far-right round-up

Back in March, my colleague reported on efforts by a series of low-level former British National Party (BNP) lowlifes’ to try and replicate the BNP…

05/06/2020 - Sarah Archibald
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Arron Banks’ spin doctor tells HOPE not hate founder: “I know where you live”

Andy Wigmore, Leave.EU communications director and close associate of multi-millionaire Clacton candidate Arron Banks, has threatened HOPE not hate founder Nick Lowles on Twitter. Wigmore…

21/04/2017 - David Lawrence
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General Election puts spanner in launch of The Patriotic Alliance

He also put pressure on current UKIP leader Paul Nuttall, stating that Nuttall has “six weeks to prove himself hasn’t he, it’s just as simple…

20/04/2017 - David Lawrence
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UKIP 2.0: Arron Banks Suspended By UKIP As He Prepares New Party

UKIP’s largest financial donor Arron Banks has been suspended from the party, stating that he is now concentrating on a “new movement” which he has dubbed…

12/03/2017 - David Lawrence
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