Far-Right Rally Behind Farage and Reform 

Tommy Robinson, Britain First, Patriotic Alternative and Homeland all urge their supporters to vote for Nigel Farage’s Reform Party With the General Election just days…

26/06/2024 - Joe Mulhall
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Steve Laws: A Blight on the Constituency of Dover & Deal

An ethnonationalist content creator, whose catchphrase is “remigration is inevitable”, is standing at the general election in the Kent constituency of Dover & Deal. Steve…

14/06/2024 - Right Response Team
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Far Right Roundup

Those of you with retirement plans heavily dependent on Crypto currency, private rail companies or just the growth in cheap aftershaves would do well to…

11/06/2024 - Matthew Collins
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Exclusive: HOPE not hate Uncover Secret Deal Between English Democrats and Nazi Patriotic Alternative 

Four far-right activists from the nazi Patriotic Alternative group are standing for the nationalist English Democrats in the forthcoming General Election, after a secret deal…

10/06/2024 - Right Response Team
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