What do British Muslims think?

Despite hostile stereotypes, a recent opinion survey of British Muslims found that a majority were concerned about Islamist extremism and supported the police, as well as backing the principles of the Prevent programme.

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Islamophobia has grown stronger across Britain, report says

IThere has been an “intensification and banalization of Islamophobic sentiment, policy and practice in Britain” according to a landmark report. The report also urges the…

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The longest secret comes to an end

Prior to reacquainting ourselves, the last time I saw John Kevin Wilshaw was in 1992, on Brick Lane, deep in London’s East End. By then…

17/10/2017 - Matthew Collins
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Far-right MEP’s speech cancelled at London university

Korwin-Mikke was due to give a speech organised by a conservative student organisation, the Young British Heritage Society (YBHS), at the University of East London…

26/04/2017 - Simon Murdoch
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